What is a Payment Holiday?

A payment holiday is just that, a holiday break so don’t forget that the payments you don’t make now will have to be paid at some date in the future
HMRC have said that you don’t need to pay the 31 July 2020 on account tax but its due 31 January 2021. That will be in addition to the normal tax due on that date too, but all is not lost, You will likely pay some tax on account on 31 January 2021 but if you profits are lower in this year ( they almost certainly will be ) then this can be reduced. There is also the option to speak to HMRC Payment Support Service in January 2021 to spread the payments
Other suppliers, the rent , mortgage , loans etc, each one will operate differently so they may extend the terms so add 3 months onto the end of the loan or ask you to make up the payments over a period of time. 
Check if they are going to charge extra interest and negotiate that down too
So far the initial feedback to problems is  Utility companies, their systems wants to increase the direct debit when usage goes up which is programmed automatically. They don’t seem to have reprogrammed the system yet and so watch out for any emails about increasing your direct debit
Keep safe and we will update with feedback on the suppliers that have helped and those that haven’t

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