The student and postgraduate loans thresholds and rates for 2022/23  are: Plan 1― £20,195 Plan 2 ― £27,295 Plan 4 ― £25,375 Postgraduate loan ― £21,000 Deductions for Plans 1, 2 and 4 remain at 9% for any earnings above the respective thresholds. Deductions for postgraduate loans remain at 6% for any earnings above the respective thresholds
5 Reasons to use a Chartered Accountant
5 Reasons to use a Chartered Accountant Experience To qualify as chartered accountant, I had to pass stringent exams and carry our monitored, approved training for a range of different clients. Choose a chartered accountant that specialises in your particular field or industry, and you will benefit from specific expertise that matches your scale and type of business. Advice you can rely on Using a chartered accountant gives you the reassurance that the advice you are receiving is both accurate
The best way to show how this works is with an example, HMRC require 50% on account in each January and July based on the tax paid for the year before. If the tax is below £1000 then there is no on account. If 5 April 2020 is your first year then you will not have made payments in January and July 2020 and so payment on 31 January 2021 in this example based on taxable profits of £25,000 will
Today HMRC has announced that it will not charge: 1. Late filing penalties for those who file online by 28‌‌ ‌February 2022. 2. Late payment penalties for those who pay the tax due in full or set up a payment plan by 1‌‌ ‌April 2022. Time to Pay options are still available once you have filed your 2020-21 tax return, and you can set up an online payment plan to spread Self Assessment bills of up to £30,000, over and up
The costs to set up your business that you incurred before the date you started can be included as  long as they are within  7 years of starting These are some examples Equipment; Insurance; Stock; Rent; Laptop; Business cards; Legal and accountants fees; Phone and Internet ( Business element only) Website setup. Some pre trading expense are not allowable such as Licences and Registrations Training Courses
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