How do I claim for use of home as a business expense?

Claiming for use of home as a business expense

You can claim for using your home for work purposes as an expense in your accounts, how you do it, well there are two main options

If you only use it occasionally for doing admin and a bit of marketing then one  best options is to claim on the same basis as if you were an employee working from home occasionally. HMRC allow a fixed amount depending on the hours you work and this does not need any evidence with bills etc

If you work more from home and have a room dedicated to business then you need to calculate your annual costs of your house that would include rent or mortgage interest, (not  the capital part of your mortgage repayment), gas electric and water bills and insurance . If you use a room exclusively for business and there is no personal enjoyment of the room then you would need to look at this room as a percentage of total home and this will give you the amount to claim per year.

It’s a question of looking this on an individual basis because everybody’s bills in the home are different


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