Can a musician claim for a mobile phone and computer as a business expense?

Claiming for phones, computers and tablets as a business expense

If you have two mobile phones one for work and one personal the work phone can be deducted completely 100% from your accounts as a business expense, if you have only one then it’s a question of making a reasonable estimate of the business and private use and claiming the business element only. We can help you with this

Broadband, computers and tablets are essential tools for running any business these days. The computer or tablet we would normally treat as 100% business any if any personal use can be considered incidental.

Broadband is one of those areas where we need to split between business and private. The majority of it is probably business, and if there is small element of personal use if it’s minor or incidental then we would ignore it. If it’s included in your TV package then we would make an adjustment to recognise the business use and this is where we advise clients on their own personal circumstances as there is no fixed %

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